10 Fascinating Chapters of Maradona’s Ferrari Legacy


Maradona’s Ferrari legacy is a remarkable tale that blends sports and luxury in a unique way. Diego Maradona, an Argentine soccer legend, had a profound admiration for the Italian supercar, which mirrored his exceptional speed, skill, and style both on and off the pitch.

The Enchanting Affair Between Maradona and Ferrari

Diego Maradona, a global soccer icon, is inextricably linked to Ferrari, the epitome of Italian luxury. His mesmerizing football abilities and colourful personal life made him a worldwide phenomenon. Amongst all his passions, Maradona’s fascination with Ferrari was distinctive, epitomizing his penchant for elegance, speed, and performance.

The Birth of Maradona’s Ferrari Saga: A Triumph’s Reward

The 1986 World Cup victory marked the beginning of Maradona’s Ferrari journey when he purchased a Ferrari Testarossa as a testament to his incredible success. This car, reflecting his dynamism and charisma, initiated an enduring romance with Ferrari.

Ferrari Testarossa: A Reflection of Maradona’s Persona

The Testarossa, renowned for its top-notch performance and distinctive style, was a mirror image of Maradona’s footballing brilliance and character. Its formidable 4.9-liter flat-12 engine and impressive top speed of 290 km/h paralleled Maradona’s explosive speed and agility in the game. The Testarossa, like Maradona’s game, was bold, breathtaking, and awe-inspiring.

Maradona's Ferrari legacy

The Iconic Addition to Maradona’s Collection: Ferrari F40

Maradona’s admiration for Ferrari didn’t end with the Testarossa. He further augmented his collection with the iconic Ferrari F40, an apt addition to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary. The F40, with its raw power, elegant design, and outstanding performance, echoed Maradona’s own skills and charisma.

F40: A Tribute to Ferrari’s Legacy

The F40 was not merely a supercar; it was a tribute to Ferrari’s illustrious automotive heritage. Boasting a twin-turbocharged V8 engine that delivered an awe-inspiring 478 horsepower and a top speed exceeding 320 km/h, the F40 symbolized raw power and performance, characteristics that perfectly encapsulated Maradona’s playing style.

Maradona and Ferrari: An Enduring Legacy

The Maradona-Ferrari connection transcended soccer boundaries. His association with the brand symbolized his rise from humble origins to global fame. It mirrored his passion for speed, luxury, and performance – elements central to his life and career.


Maradona’s Ferrari legacy represents a life lived at full throttle, marked by stunning performances, resounding victories, and an insatiable quest for luxury and speed. His admiration for Ferrari, akin to his football prowess, crossed borders, leaving an enduring legacy as eternal as the man himself. The story of Maradona’s Ferrari adds another dimension to his complex personality and underscores the timeless charm of Ferrari as a symbol of speed, style, and triumph.

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